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This Free Health Screening is your place for an expert professional opinion on your health matters.


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Health Care Providers

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 We are providing a patient-centred active self-help program.


  • Do you have patients/clients who need exercises advice, nutrition advice, stress reduction advice?
  • Are you the type of health care worker who sees people on a crisis basis, but would like to develop a monthly wellness type of practice?
  • Would you like to point people in the direction of medical-based knowledge?

Most health care providers have many patients that need health advice. Most health care providers struggle with which questions to ask their patients/clients. So, they end up asking a few basic questions.

We provide a service that makes health advice easy for you. It is holistic, comprehensive, thorough, and the best part is that the patient/client spends their own time on it at their own home. That is a bonus for you as a provider of health services. Whether you are a medical doctor or an allied health profession, there is something for you in the Canadian Holistic Online Questionnaire. You can choose which information  you wish your patient/client to focus on and ignore other data  that applies to other professionals.

The initial phase of any advice service is the consultation. We provide an online consultation that you can use as a base for advice to your patients/clients. Find out what your patient's/client's lifestyle score numbers are. We provide 38 numbers that describe where your patient/client is at on the optimal health scale. Once you have those numbers you can advise your patient as you see fit based on your licence.

People without professional health care training can become Lifestyle Instruction Aid (LIA) instructors and dispense health advice, however, they have strict protocols and are not allowed to give advice as they see fit. Their mandate is narrowed to the Action Plan items contained within the Consultation Report of Findings.

The best way to start learning what the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation is all about is to take it yourself.


Our service will function anywhere in the English speaking world that a computer and internet access is available.

If you are a medical doctor and would like the link to our Doctor's page then please contact us.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a personal meeting.