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Wellness Agent Program

Dr. Ouellette's Optimal Health Wellness Agent Program

Healthy Health Care Promotion

Behaviour     Fitness     Nutrition
Promoting Active Improvement Strategies
Measure  –  Identify  –  Prioritize  –  Motivate


 Introducing Phase I

 First Priority Contacts
 - Fitness Centre personnel
 - Fitness Trainers
 - Massage Therapists
 - Yoga Instructors

New Income Generation Opportunity
New tool to help practitioners and providers motivate their client base

 - Earn commissions
 - Online implementation
 - No cost for start up
 - All it requires is referral
 - Cost to client/patient– $9.95
 - Build in-house consultation fee structure
 - Refer for Health Advice Therapy as an option

The Wellness Agent Program offers health workers the opportunity to gain information about their client that the client delivers themselves to an online consultation questionnaire. That information is categorized and organized in a Consultation Progress Chart that has 38 result scores some of which are red flagged, some yellow flagged. The professional level analysis has already been done such that practitioners can use the information any way they wish to help their client with optimal health wellness. It allows practitioners to generate an alternative source of income through their own health training and skills. It would allow practitioners to build a monthly counselling program for their clients to help them improve their scores and move along the roadway to optimal health and wellness.


There are two ways to use the program.

  1. Just refer - Just send clients to the online consultation questionnaire web site. This type of a  referral does not generate any referral commissions because there is no way of tracking referrals. However, practitioners can ask their clients to bring in a copy of their consultation Progress Chart result scores and then they can counsel the client on how to improve their 38 scores. This opens up the door to measure, identify, prioritize and motivate clients.

  2. Get a Wellenss Agent Number - A practitioner or health worker with a private practice can become a Wellness Agent and obtain a Wellness Agent registration number. They would then earn commissions on referrals. If they choose to sell Workshops for the Health Advice Therapy program, another option available to them, then they can earn higher commissions. For more information on this option please contact us.


We believe this program would be a fine addition to the services offered by any health workers listed above. There is an opportunity here for anyone who has some extra time at home and wishes to earn some extra money. They can become one of Dr. Ouellette's Optimal Health Wellness Agents and earn the same commissions.

To learn more about how to build this new health care service into a practice please contact us and ask about our Wellness Agent Program.