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This Free Health Screening is your place for an expert professional opinion on your health matters.


BOOKS by Dr. Ouellette 

 Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet

 Cheating on Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet


Science-Based Holistic Health Care

A Canadian Lifestyle Health Care Solution

Natural Pain Relief


We give science-based counselling/health advice, based on the evidence you give on the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation.

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In the beginning there is the consultation just like in the doctor's office. We use the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation as our lifestyle consultation and measurement test. See the left bar link for more information.

When in pain or disability, most people need to receive an accurate thorough account of their lifestyle factors that affect pain and optimal health. With the vast amount of research now available it is very difficult to have one professional get all that information from one consultation. Usually several consultations, and from several professionals, are required. Health care teams are now proliferating.

The Canadian Holistic Online Consultation is a consultation that one takes over the Internet. It combines several professional consultations to make one thorough consultation.

Clients receive a complete Report of Findings that will recommend various Action Plan solutions to the very issues that are important at the time the consultation was taken.

Reasonably priced so most everyone can afford it, the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation is available at


Science Based Holistic Health Care

Want to know what an experienced holistic practitioner would say about you as you are right now?

Take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation today.


New Health Care Service Industry Designed with you in Mind

We are a new health care service industry offering the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation and self-help instruction. We provide one-on-one help to people in need.

Our two niches are natural pain relief and optimal health. We use the pain relief lifestyle protocols that include the Pain Relief Diet, for the natural pain relief module, and the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation Report of Findings recommendations for the optimal health module.


Canadian Lifestyle Health Care, the basic concepts.

The big idea flow.

 1. Canadian Lifestyle Health Care is healthy, health care, not disease care.

To get health care, you need Optimal Health Secrets.

 3. To get optimal health secrets you need self-help, natural pain relief, and you need knowledge.
 4. To get Self-Help natural pain relief, you need a pain relief lifestyle.
 5. To get a pain relief lifestyle you need a plan.
 6. To get a plan you need to have your lifestyle assessed by taking the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation.

To get your lifestyle assessed with the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, you can go to is the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, an online consultation that assesses and measures you for pain, optimal health, and the Pain Relief Diet. The assessment is done in a consultation format just like if you were at a medical specialist's office.

Looking for natural pain relief?

Looking for wellness?

We define Canadian Lifestyle Health Care as the type of health care designed to improve your lifestyle, then keep you there. That usually entails the five pillars of optimal health secrets as explained on the web site

We are focused on health care and healthy care. Disease care is left to the medical doctors. Our goal is to get clients healthy and keep them healthy without health care professionals, drugs or surgery. We treat the body not the disease, using a self-help format coupled with lifestyle instruction if the client feels they need extra help.

A client can still make use of health care professionals like chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, natural therapy practitioners etc. but, our concept at Canadian Lifestyle Health Care is to maximize the use of Active self-help methods instead of professionals, wherever possible. Self-help is much less costly than professionals and is necessary to instil the concept of ACTIVE care, active self-help care.

Most people have been trained by their communities that they need health care professionals to do things to them and for them, to get them healthy. We take issue with that philosophy and turn things around to the client. It all starts with the client. First, we need an accurate consultation.


The Roadway

The two steps to get yourself on the roadway to optimal health and natural pain relief are 1. Take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation and 2. Get counselling instruction advice so your own self-help activities are efficient and successful.

You start with a plan, a Lifestyle Action Plan. That plan is delivered to you in a Report of Findings when the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation is taken at Learning self help pain relief strategies amounts to finding out some of the secrets that many types of health care professionals know. Professionals, of course, prefer that people go to them for help. Yes, some things you just cannot do yourself so you need help. But, many things you can do yourself. You just have to find out where to start. To find out what you can do for yourself you have to take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation. It is one of the best things you can do for yourself right now.



STEP #1. Take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at

STEP # 2. Get help through Lifestyle Instruction Aid, counselling health advice. See our Lifestyle Instruction Program of Care package.


You will get:

 1. An individual, private, lifestyle counselling consultation.
 2. A copy of Dr. Ouellette's Pain Relief Diet Manual. The original, and first, Pain Relief Diet. Researched, created, and developed by Dr. Ouellette.
 3. Registration as a client.


What is the Pain Relief Diet?
It is a way to eat that lessens pain. Some foods make pain better, some foods make pain worse. The Pain Relief Diet helps you on the roadway to optimal health and wellness. It is a clean diet that is the starting point for improvement with many troubling human health problems from allergies to disease states.

The Pain Relief Diet is one of the ways that Canadian Lifestyle Health Care helps people learn a healthy way to eat. Not only is the Pain Relief Diet one of the best optimal health secrets to learn, it is also a very good diet to use, in a slightly modified way, for a life long diet.


A short note from Dr. Ouellette
"We are aiming at healing, not just pain relief. What we will promise is hope, support and success if you agree to be part of the solution. We are pointing you in the direction of medical-based knowledge. We invite you to join us."

Provincial governments provide a disease care industry, then call it a health care industry. This creates discordance in the minds of a lot of people who expect to receive health care, but instead receive disease care.

If politicians would begin calling it what it is then things would be somewhat better. It is well known that medical doctors cannot help a person when symptoms are too small or too vague. They also cannot help a person when the symptoms are too severe. That fine window of opportunity is where medical doctors do their work, but they do it in a disease care industry. This leaves an opening for many other professional health care workers to provide something more akin to health care.

A true health care industry would start with the same thing that the disease care industry starts with, namely a thorough consultation. A template for such a health care consultation has already been crafted and is available online. The Canadian Holistic Online Consultation makes a thorough screening for several parameters that are a starting point to getting on the roadway to optimal health and wellness. 


NOTE:     If you wish to discuss your health issues with regard to natural health care then you can contact Dr. Ouellette directly and arrange for a meeting, either online or in small informal groups of 5 or less. Location: Burlington, Ontario. See the Contact Us link.