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Lifestyle Agent Program 

"Become an Agent, work at home, part-time or full-time job opportunity" 

By: Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP, Cert. Acup. 

We have an Agent program that is open to anyone, lay people and professionals alike. The Agent program is optional. Learn how to help others, and yourself, at the same time. It provides a commission on referrals to the consultation and for other sales as well, such as referrals to a Lifestyle Instruction Aid Health Advice Program of Care. If health care professionals prefer to just refer without becoming an agent and forego the commissions, then that is okay as well.

This is a job opportunity for people who may want to work from home, or set their own working hours. It is also a very good way to work for funds to cover the cost of care.


Canadian Lifestyle Health Care Agent Program

This program is part of the Canadian Lifestyle Health Care network.

If you would like to build a home based supplemental income then this program may be ideal for you. There are two levels in our Canadian Lifestyle Health Care Agent Program.

Agent Level I
The first level is just simply referring people who you think need natural pain relief strategies or optimal health secrets. This is just a referral process where you ask people to use your agent number on our network web sites.

Agent Level II
The second level is where you would sell our services and products, either online or in person. We sell one service called Lifestyle Instruction Aid (LIA), First Aid for the lifestyle. And, we sell one product line of nutritional products for natural pain relief and optimal health and wellness.

Lifestyle Instruction Aid (LIA)
LIA is a standardized lifestyle instruction health advice service with a narrow focus centred on a lifestyle Action Plan. The lifestyle Action Plan is contained in the Report of Findings generated by the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation. Lifestyle instruction health advice is provided to people who choose this service. Health advice is provided over the Internet or the telephone, or a combination of the two.

Canadian Holistic Online Consultation
This is a thorough, comprehensive, holistic lifestyle and pain assessment that a person takes online at This online consultation provides the input for generating the Report of Findings and the Action Plan that guides Lifestyle Instruction Aid health advice.

How You Refer or Sell
You can refer clients or sell to clients any way you wish provided you use ethical selling techniques. For further details please contact us.

First Year is Free
Your first year as a Canadian Lifestyle Health Care Agent is free. After that you can decide if you wish to continue. If you wish to remain an agent then there is a small yearly registration fee. This fee is for Head Office to maintain a registry data base of certified Canadian Lifestyle Health Care Agents. If you loose your certification then you are no longer qualified to receive commission payments for your referrals or your sales. This is a quality assurance system for us to maintain high standards in our agents.

Commission Payments
For details of the commission payment system please contact us.

For more information please contact us.

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