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A Canadian Lifestyle Health Care Solution

For Lifestyle Fitness Improvement

Active Self-Help for the Pain Relief Lifestyle and Optimal Health Secrets

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What We Provide

Science Based Holistic Health Care for Natural Pain Relief

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Canadian Lifestyle Health Care offers Self-Help optimal health secrets, and natural pain relief, including the Pain Relief Diet.

Natural Pain Relief, Pain Relief Diet, Optimal Health Secrets

Our Mission
To Teach and Guide

Our mission is to teach you, and then guide you, along the roadway to optimal health and wellness. We measure your body and behaviours for optimal health factors, then teach the parameters of the Pain Relief Lifestyle, including the Pain Relief Diet, and the Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets.

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One of our major concerns is to ensure that the viewer receives evidence-based care with Lifestyle Instruction Aid.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP

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What We Do
We give science-based lifestyle health instruction/advice, based on evidence from the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation. The first step is to find out what you are doing and how you are doing it. That is what the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation does in a thorough comprehensive questionnaire. This consultation is taken online so you don't take the doctor's time with that step. The next step is to read over your Report of Findings and all the recommendations that will be given. The last step is to begin to achieve all items on your personalized Action Plan included with the Report of Findings.

Those people who feel they need more in depth help with their action plan, or who achieve all items on their action plan very quickly, can book Internet or telephone discussion time with the doctor in order to learn more ways to help improve and to focus efforts on priorities.

Our Niche
Our niche is Natural Pain Relief and Optimal Health Secrets.

Our Focus
Our focus is on Active-Self-Help.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help our clients stay healthy, happy, pain free, and alive until science finds a solution to aging and degeneration.

We envision a new service industry of Lifestyle Instruction Aid (LIA) instructors helping people help themselves with active-self-help strategies for natural pain relief and optimal health secrets. Think of LIA as First Aid for your lifestyle.

To establish a new service industry in the lifestyle instruction advice field.

Goal Implications to You
If you are a business in the service industry partnering with us offers a new service that may fit well with your present services. Referring clients to us creates a new source of income for your and helps people improve their lifestyle with Canadian Lifestyle Health Care.

If you have a large business your workers may benefit by our services. Referring clients can help your workers become more fit and less of a drain on your resources.

If you are an individual you can have a thorough assessment at a very reasonable cost that will tell you where you are with your lifestyle, based on the science of our day. Your Report of Findings will tell you how you stand in relation to other people and it will give you many recommendations.


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