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Health Promotion

When one thinks of health promotion one does not think of disease treatment. The idea of health promotion is targeted at preventing disease from starting in the first place. To this end science has been whittling away at the uncertainty in biological processes and slowly shedding light on how the body works. Applying the knowledge learned by science requires a delicate approach because the human psyche comes into play.

Humans behave in peculiar ways even when they know the truth about something that will hurt them. If they can blame the hurt on someone else they will take that opportunity. If they can find someone to do something to them where they have to do nothing themselves, they will jump, and pay for that opportunity.

Making themselves do difficult lifestyle modifications appears to be very hard for most everyone. Self-help active procedures for modifying behaviour toward optimal health and wellness, holds the most promise for effective results. That is where we should all be making an effort.

The drug/surgical mindset has been fostered upon us. Our own unwillingness to become active makes the easy drug/surgical way of dealing with disease very appealing. We can break out of this drug hold. We can break free. We can look at health promotion more seriously.

Many ways of promoting health have been mapped out by science. The Canadian Lifestyle Health Care web site is dedicated to testing lifestyles to find out where a person is at on the optimal health continuum. That testing is done with an online consultation called the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at

Promoting health means doing some things and avoiding some things. Most everyone knows, or soon learns, what the bad things are to avoid. Learning what the good things are and incorporating them into a lifestyle is a more difficult challenge. Most people need help with sustaining lifestyle improvements. Help is at hand, but first we must have our lifestyle measured against what science now shows us to be worthwhile for a long, healthy, happy life.

In the end, it is all up to you to promote your own health. We are happy to help you with that task.