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Health Care Politics

The question we ask is "What methods can help to lower sky-rocketing health care costs?" Well, keeping people healthy is an obvious one. Some things that have been identified are improved home care, improved mental health, and improved management of chronic diseases among other community issues. These all imply prevention, but don't directly refer to the concept of preventing disease before it strikes. There are many medical procedures for finding diseases early, after they strike. While we commend these efforts we think things can be better.

Our approach asks some simple what if questions.

  • What if nutrition and blood flow are a major factor in most all modern disease processes? Is the scientific process pointing us in this direction already, but we are failing to see the connections?
  • What if food has a more subtle effect on the body such that when combined with poor blood flow, leaves a ripe field for disease?
  • What if the immune system, that kicks in upon every meal consumed, has a monkey on its back so to speak, caused by our modern food industry? By modern we mean anything developed in the last 10,000 years after farming started supplying foods in bulk.
  • What if the combination of poor food and poor blood flow (read lack of strenuous exercise) form a deadly combination?
  • What if the concept of 'poor food' (masquerading as whole grains and dairy products), needs to be reassessed?
  • What if sleep deprivation, right at the time of poor food intake and poor blood flow, creates the perfect storm for any disease process? 

Why are there so many what-if questions? Not only do medical doctors not have very many answers, the scientific community also does not have very many answers. Health care is very complex. In our present state we could not eliminate all unproven medicine because that would eliminate 90% of all medicine. Clearly that is not reasonable and that is why we seek what is called BEST PROFESSIONAL JUDGEMENT. We ask the what-if questions in the absence of scientific evidence and in the absence of scientific evidence for the medical treatments as well, which are also delivered in the absence of evidence for the very conditions the medical profession criticises other professions for treating. Yes, medical doctors have only clearly proven 1% of what they do. The rest is best-professional-guess. Okay, we need medical doctors, but we also need choice in health care. When the drugs and surgery don't work, we want choice.

As we already know, lifestyle issues can have a powerful effect on physiology. Measuring lifestyle in a comprehensive thorough manner has not been attempted very many times in the past. Lifestyle issues are often tied into cultural practices that are difficult to modify.

An effective measuring tool that can be used by a large number of varied health care providers would be a valuable asset. We have such a measurement tool now readily available in the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at The power of this Holistic Online Consultation is in the self-help functionality built into the process. This is where the health care dollars are to be saved. The old standard of passive care needs to give way to the new vision of a modern standard of active self-help care.

The Canadian Lifestyle Health Care web site is dedicated to promoting lifestyle improvement as one answer to spiralling health care costs worldwide. Politicians are key players in the health delivery system. It is unfortunate the expensive medical and pharmaceutical lobbies sway politicians to the unnatural way.

For a better understanding of the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation see this page on the Consultation web site.