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Getting Help

By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP

Getting help is an important concept while travelling on the roadway to optimal health and wellness. Self-help has its place and is addressed in the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at This consultation identifies the help you need and prioritises an Action Plan for you. However, most people still need individual direction to point them the right way along the roadway to optimal health and wellness. Staying on that roadway is difficult for a lot of people. Help is readily at hand. Purchasing a Program of Care is one good way to start off.

Most people need about two hours of counselling. Those people with significant problems will likely need four hours. The counselling is offered in three formats. A client can choose to come into the office and discuss health issues face to face. A client can choose telephone counselling and get it free of toll charges if they live in continental USA or Canada. Or, a client can choose an Internet chat format. Either way customised help, specific to a client's needs, is offered.

Choosing to get lifestyle help is a commitment to yourself to improve and get better. Whether it is pain relief you are seeking or just optimal health secrets, getting help is your gateway on the road to optimal health and wellness.