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By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP

When it comes to health information spending your time looking for free stuff on the Internet is good up to a point. If you spend all your time doing that then it is not good. There is a more effective use of your time. Your best time is spent finding where you are at with your lifestyle and then building an Action Plan to improve. We help you with that action plan for a very reasonable price. An action plan is included with the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation.

Health Advice
All health advice is not necessarily good. Advice, just like all other health information on the Internet, needs to be questioned. You have to know the source. You have to know the training. You have to know the skill level. Stripping out superstition and psuedo-science is a must. We offer some free things in our library on Optimal Health Articles were written by a registered chiropractor with a science-based, evidence-based background and extensive extra post graduate training covering several fields.

Advice on the Internet, however, lacks the personal touch that a one-on-one meeting enjoys. We offer that personal touch to those who like the one-on-one approach. You can have that one-on-one meeting in person or over the internet and telephone. Contact us for more information.