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Canadian Lifestyle Health Care

By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP

Canadian Lifestyle Health Care is focussed on healthy health care offering solutions in a self-help format with options for individual customised help. Canadian Lifestyle Health Care is distinct from the common term 'Health Care'. The term 'health care' implies everything the medical profession uses to supply services from emergency care to long term supportive care for chronic diseases. Health care is in actuality disease care. Prevention is usually structured to find diseases early and then treat appropriately. This type of prevention also incorporates concepts on immunization that aim to truly prevent diseases.

What does Canadian Lifestyle Health Care entail?

It entails a lifestyle measurement via the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, a Lifestyle Report of Findings, a Recommended customised Lifestyle Action Plan, and Lifestyle Counselling instruction help. It is above all a Self-Help active program to help people help themselves.

Although healthy living is also stressed within the traditional medical health care paradigm, the focus in the medical system is clearly on disease care. There is such great cost involved with supplying disease care that the system is highly stressed. Some provincial governments have separate ministries for health promotion designed to educate the public on healthy living strategies. These commendable strategies use marketing to educate the public on disease prevention starting with mandates that governments decide their focus will be centred around. Large companies place great effort with their government lobby to position themselves to their own advantage. Rarely do these companies recommend self-help as a solution to disease. We believe self-help should gain momentum in the media, as it is one very good solution to healthy living.

In Canada government providers are leaning more and more to providing basic emergency care and basic disease care within the government-mandated "health care for everyone" structure. Newer research showing the effectiveness of new strategies for health and prevention, take a long time to filter into general accepted usage. Sometime they are quite costly as well. Governments tend to shy away from every new trend that comes down the research road. The public is left on their own to discover and analyse health services and products that are in the current development stages. Marketing hype and advertising publicity bombard the public daily with new discoveries that come apparently from scientific research.

Unfortunately, it is buyer beware as the rule for much that is on the market now days. What one company considers good research a health care professional may consider as only preliminary and inconclusive. Some things are becoming clear though. Nutrition, exercise, rest and relaxation, attitude and perspective in life and spinal health, are all very important to optimal health. We call these pillars of optimal health because they are the scaffolding structure that holds up the body. Miss out on one of them and the body weakens. Getting a good concept of where you stand on each one of these is a worthwhile endeavour for people looking for pain relief and/or optimal health and wellness.

Canadian Lifestyle Heath Care is a new business that measures a client's lifestyle using the types of questions that medical specialists use to analyse their patients. The field of optimal health covers all the pillars plus the field of pain. This means that many questions are needed to get a complete map of a person's optimal health level. The Canadian Holistic Online Consultation located at measures all these plus more. A client has the advantage now of taking this consultation in their own home if they have an internet link. This makes it easy and convenient. The cost is small and includes a 35 page plus Report of Findings that indicates what 38 measurements mean and offers recommendations to correct deficiencies. An Action Plan is offered as a quick start and help is made available to those people who feel they need some one-on-one face-to-face counselling. This counselling can be done over the phone or over the internet if one so chooses.

To get started now all you need to do is take the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at