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This Free Health Screening is your place for an expert professional opinion on your health matters.


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 Dr. Ouellette's Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Diet

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About Us, Who We Are

We are an evidence-based self-help centre. We provide an option for an evidence-based professional level health advice service for people who feel they need more help to achieve their goals and Action Plans.

One of our major goals with our web site network is to remove the restrictions of physical travel to a professional office, so that people anywhere in the world can learn the skills of self-help. Self-help life skills are worthy, noble pursuits that most everyone can improve on as they go through life. Our niche is the natural Pain Relief Lifestyle and Optimal Health Secrets.

The major factor that differentiates us is that we have a strong focus on self-help concepts that people can apply themselves. We created the Pain Relief Diet and the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation so people can help themselves with natural pain relief strategies. There is no immediate need to visit a doctor or alternative health care provider to use our services. We do not try to make you dependent on in-office care.

Of course, many people do want that extra help. We provide extra help in two ways. You can ask us to contact you by phone or Internet, wherever you live in continental USA or Canada. We would be happy to have a conversation with you. Or you can visit our clinic in Ontario, Canada.

We represent the Canadian way to improve lifestyle factors for optimal health, wellness and natural pain relief. We are a new health care service industry offering the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, self-help instruction, and we provide one-on-one help to people in need.

One of our goals is to build a network of Lifestyle Instruction Aid (LIA) health advice instructors. You can think of LIA as First Aid for your lifestyle. These health instructors have a narrow mandate to help people with their Action Plan. Contact us for more information on how to obtain a Lifestyle Action Plan.

Lifestyle Agent

If you would like to become a Canadian Lifestyle Health Care agent, as a part time or full time career, then please contact us.

We give science-based health counselling advice, based on the evidence that comes out of the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation. We point people in the direction of medical-based knowledge.

Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette is an experienced wellness provider with wellness answers and natural pain relief strategies. Dr. Ouellette is an expert manual medicine practitioner with that extra edge in the nutrition and sports medicine field who can give Health Advice Therapy to people too far away to drive to his office. As the author of Dr. Ouellette’s Pain Relief Diet Manual, Cheating on the Pain Relief Diet, and the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation, Dr. Ouellette is well positioned to help people manage pain naturally and learn Optimal Health Secrets. People can contact Dr. Ouellette via email for instructions and advice on how to get started and for advice on how to assess their present wellness efforts.